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Announcing ONE® ID Express Registration

ONE® ID Identity Services is very pleased to announce a new account registration option called Express Registration. This new process, implemented on Dec 7th 2014 represents a very significant enhancement to the options available to the health community to register users for a ONE® ID account.

This new registration option is targeted principally, at Primary Care providers who do not enjoy easy access to a local registration agent, although it will also be available to larger organizations such as hospitals.

Using Express Registration, a designated person within the practice, will, once authorized, be able to extend email invitations to their team members to complete their enrolment in ONE® ID and instantly gain access to health care applications such as OLIS Lab Results, DI/CS, OBD, CCO, OTN, cGTA, cNEO, cSWO eHealth Ontario portals.

Key to the process is the fact that those being invited to register through email, are already known to the organization, and as such no formal face-to-face registration process is required. This leverages the ONE® ID assessment of the organization's onboarding process.

This new Service is part of ONE® ID’s continued push to extend accessibility to a growing list of critical health care applications, to a broad province wide audience.

To request further information on the new service, please email us
For more general information on ONE® ID, please visit the eHealth Ontario website