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Changes are coming to eHealth Portal

What’s New?

Over the past two years, the product management and solutions delivery teams have been making significant changes to eHealth Portal, The changes include:

1) Upgrading the outdated platform from Oracle’s WCI to IBM’s Websphere 8.5
2) Transitioning content, applications and users
3) Giving the user interface a fresh new look and feel
4) Making the gateway accessible on mobile devices
5) Improving accessibility (AODA) and French language (FLSA) compliance.

Why Upgrade?

The existing portal operates on an outdated - now end-of-life - Oracle platform. The primary goal has been to ensure that the services that are accessible through the portal (for instance DPV, Panorama, OLIS and eNLB), remain highly secure and available. Furthermore, in order to add value for portal users, more features have been added to eHealth Portal, enabling users to work smarter and more efficiently.

When will the New Portal Go Live?

The current target for the launch of the new platform is end of December, 2017.  This will be a soft-launch, running both platforms in parallel for a short period while we transition content, applications and permissions.

What will it Look Like?

The following visual will give you an idea of what the new homepage will look like:

Portal Homescreen New Look

Larger Version

Please note: this mock-up is for informational purposes only. It does not necessarily reflect the final design.

Can You Provide More Details about the Upgrade?

Portal users will login and access their applications (DPV, Panorama, etc.) using ONE ID, exactly as before.

Navigation to the key sections will remain the same for the most part, with some minor name changes to the menu options themselves. Content will be refreshed and page layout will be changed to improve readability.

A significant change will be the fully responsive user interface, meaning all public and top-level portal pages will be available across multiple devices. Applications themselves will remain primarily desktop-focused, until such time as end-users require a mobile-friendly interface, as is already the case with our tablet-friendly eHealth Services EHR.

What’s Happening to Collaboration?

We are currently revising the strategy for our collaboration tools. In the meantime, it’s business as usual for existing users. We are putting a hold on new requests for communities until the upgrade is complete, however we will communicate more details about this once we have a definitive decision on the strategy.

How will the Changes be Communicated?

The Product team is working with service management to communicate directly with community managers and application owners. Both groups will be offered walkthroughs and the chance to ask questions prior to communications going out to users.

Communications to the wider user community will be posted under the ‘News & Updates’ section on, as well as internally via Emerge. Articles will be posted in advance of the launch to give people a heads-up and to socialize the upcoming changes. Users will also get a ‘sneak peek’ of what’s to come by way of mock-ups and demos. A beta version will also be available for power users. Any communications will also be emailed directly to stakeholders.

We highly recommend that you socialize this with your teams prior to the external communications going out.

Where do I Send Questions or Feedback?

Watch out for walkthrough meeting requests, coming over the next few weeks and months. The Portal team will be offering demos of the new portal, giving you the chance to ask questions or provide feedback. In the meantime, please email your questions to:

Best regards,

Portal Team, Product Management, eHealth Ontario