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Portal Survey Results

Survey Results: eHealth Portal Gets Thumbs Up from Users


During the Summer/Fall of 2016, eHealth’s portal team surveyed clinical users to help us better understand people’s experience with eHealth Portal. We received responses from 325 users. Results were very positive and we also got some valuable feedback and suggestions.

Working with a third party survey host, we were also able to benchmark ourselves against others in the industry. Here’s what we discovered.

A snapshot

Survey results* show eHealth Portal is doing a great job at meeting users’ needs. In some areas, such as task completion, we come out significantly ahead of others in the industry. Here’s a quick look:

  1. A whopping 96% of users were able to complete the task they came to the portal to do (industry average is 78%). That’s pretty fantastic!
  2. 90% found the overall user experience good, very good, or excellent, providing an overall score of 7.3 out of 10 (industry average is 6.7). Over 54% rated it an 8 or 9 out of 10.
  3. Users gave us top scores for ‘discovery’ and ‘trust’ – they could easily find what they were looking for and feel confident in the information that they got.
  4. The vast majority of those surveyed visit the site daily or weekly.

Suggestions for areas to improve ranged from requests for better performance, greater access to patient medical histories, less frequent timeouts, and more streamlined data entry.

So what's next for eHealth Portal?

In summer 2017, a portal upgrade will introduce a fresh new look and feel along with an abundance of new functionality to support the delivery of Ontario’s digital health record. The portal team will take the suggestions received from the survey to further enhance the user experience of the portal.

Thanks to survey participants

Thanks to each and every one that participated in the survey. We appreciate you taking the time to give us your feedback. It really does help provide us with some very useful information in order to make your experience a better one. Your friendly neighbourhood Portal Team.

* Note: Results based on the feedback from 325 clinical users who participated in the survey.