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The Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS) is an information system...

  • All registered health practitioners who need access to lab information to support improved patient care
Patient Benefits
  • • Ensures fewer gaps in patient information as patients move between hospital, practitioner’s office (e.g. family physicians, specialists), home care and long-term care settings;
  • • Provides an effective tool to integrate and track patient laboratory history over time, monitor progress of treatments and support improved chronic disease management;
  • • Reduces the number of unnecessary laboratory tests due to greater availability and sharing of information;
  • • Enables timelier and broader access to laboratory test results by practitioners.
Health service provider benefits
  • • Enables timely access to information for improved decision making at the point of care;
  • • Facilitates more comprehensive and complete laboratory test information;
  • • Provides better coordination of care between multiple practitioners and within health care teams;
  • • Improves workflow and reduces the dependency on paper-based systems.