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Issues with Your Login

Forgotten/Expired Password

Don’t worry. Resetting your password is easy…

  1. Locate your account
  2. You will be asked to enter your user name (login ID), (e.g.,
  3. Verify your identity by answering 2 security challenge questions
  4. Enter your new password.

Before you do so, remember that your new password must contain:

  • - At least 8 characters (e.g., sAJ8dk9*LO)
  • - One or more lower case letters (e.g., m)
  • - One or more upper case letters (e.g., M)
  • - One or more numbers (e.g., 7)

Forgotten Username / Login ID

No problem, we’ll have you back up and running in a jiffy.

  1. Locate your account
  2. You will be asked for your first name, last name and date of birth
  3. Verify your identity by answering 2 security challenge questions
  4. Your login ID will be displayed on screen.

View/Update your Profile

Sure. There are just 2 simple steps:

  1. Log in to the portal using your ONE ID account
  2. Then just go to View my Profile.

Your profile allows you to see and change your email address, phone number, language preferences, password and challenge questions. You will also see a list of your enrolments, the documents you used to enrol and more besides.

Get a ONE ID account

Okay, let’s get you set up. Depending on where you’re coming in from you might need to follow a different set up process:

If you were invited by a colleague, click the link in the email that was sent to you and follow the instructions. If you need more assistance view the ONE ID Self Registration Reference Guide (PDF)

If you are in a clinical setting (hospital, CCAC, etc.) you’ll need to go through your Local Registration Authority (LRA), who will help you through the process and get your account set up. You will need to pieces of identification, at least one of which will need to be a photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.)

Before you can use your account you’ll need to complete your registration, so take a look through the ONE ID Registrant Reference Guide (PDF) for more information.

If you are neither of the above, please call the eHealth Service Desk directly and request a new ONE ID account.

Get More Support

If you followed the above steps and are still having problems with your account, please contact the eHealth Service Desk and give them more details about your issue. Hopefully, they can get to the bottom of it.