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eHealth Services

eHealth Services (eHS) is a suite of web-based electronic health record (EHR) applications that provide you with access to Ontario’s provincial data repositories, allowing you to search and view information about patients in your care

Diagnostic Imaging

View your patient’s diagnostic imaging report(s) and images located in any of the four regional DI repositories (DI-rs). Search by procedure date, accession number, facility and/or procedure name.


Search and view a patient’s lab test requests, results and reports from the Ontario laboratories information system (OLIS). Search by collection date/time, test result name, category, order number or results indicato

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News and Updates
Ontario Health is making changes to eHealth Portal New Update

Updates to Decommissioning of eHealth Portal

Please Note, eHealth Portal will be decommissioned on July 31st, 2024

Diagnostic Imaging information
Diagnostic Imaging information is available via one of the provincial clinical viewers- ClinicalConnect® or ConnectingOntario ClinicalViewer

OLIS HUB Management Console
As part of the decommissioning of the eHealth Portal, the OLIS HUB Management Console will have a new access point and URL. The application can now be accessed at:

Earlier this year, Ontario Health announced plans to decommission eHealth Portal and seamlessly migrate clients to ONE Health, a modern digital solution that can be accessed using your current ONE ID credentials. As part of our ongoing commitment to provide our users with the best possible experience, Ontario Health continues work to move Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS), Electronic Notice of Live Birth (eNLB), Oral Health Information Support System (OHISS) and Panorama applications currently accessed through eHealth Portal to the new ONE Health platform.

The following applications are now available on ONE Health accessed via accessonehealth.ca:

  • ONE Labs, for Clinicians and Lab Validators PROD (OLIS) Live
  • Oral Health Information Support System (OHISS) Live
  • All Panorama services - Immunization, Inventory, PEAR and Training Live
  • Electronic Notification of Live Birth (eNLB) Live

Lab Validator CST Users will be migrated to ONE Labs on a rolling basis throughout April 2024. To migrate your Lab Validator CST account to ONE Health we need to have your current contact details. Please go to the Ontario Health ONE ID System to ensure your email address and phone number are up-to-date. Refer to the ONE ID Registrant Reference Guide (Page 3) for further instructions.

Important: OLIS for Clinicians and Lab Validator PROD Users will no longer be accessible via eHealth Portal after July 31st, 2024.

For technical support issues, please contact our Service Desk at 1-866-250-1554 

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